Elements of Sage smudging sticks

The smoke from dried sage clears emotional and spiritual negativity that is built up in a space or person. Smudging actually changes the ionic composition of the air and can have a direct effect of well-being, mental clarity, improved energy levels, focus and better sleep. It also significantly decreases airborne viruses and bacteria in your home.

Deep Clean Smudge Blend

  • Wild sagebrush forged in the mountains of Eden, Utah
  • Juniper sprigs foraged in the mountains of Eden, Utah
  • Dried mint & lavender from Lavender Hill Farm in Eden, Utah
  • Blue Thistle blossom, locally sourced
  • Citrine Crystal
  • “Deep Clean” with this smudge blend. Dried mint is both cleansing and uplifting. Juniper represents resilience from the constantly changing elements of our lives. Spiritually, Juniper purges negativity and grounds us with strength and bravery. Thistle serves as a symbol of protection, wellbeing, and prosperity. Citrine is a stone of abundance and magnifies our manifestations, prosperity, success and all good things. This blend is finished with dried lavender to restore calmness and serenity, bringing you back to a comfortable, pure and clean place. 

Rose Smudge Blend

  • Wild sagebrush foraged in the mountains of Eden, Utah
  • Rose petals and dried rose bud
  • Rose Quarts crystal 
  • Express your loving intentions with this smudge blend. Dried rose petals and rose quarts crystal will attract love into your home. ROse quarts is the stone of unconditional ove and infinite peace. It opens the heart on all levels and brings deep inner healing and self-love. 

Tranquility Smudge Blend

  • Wild sagebrush foraged in the mountains of Eden, Utah
  • Dried lavender from Leavender Hill Farm in Eden, Utah
  • Chrysocolla Stone
  • Calm, cleanse and create tranquility with this smudge blend. Dried lavender incense haas sedative properties and creates a relaxing atmosphere perfect for the night. This tranquility blend is charged with a Chrysocolla crystal which is a tranquil and sustaining stone. This stone reduces mental tension and helps you to keep a cool head. It helps meditation and communitcation. Within the home, Chrysocolla stone draws off negative energies of all kinds. It can help you to accept with serenity situations that are constantly changing, invoking great inner strength and joy. 

Blue Lotus Smudge Blend

  • Wild sagebrush foraged in the mountains of Eden, Utah
  • Dried White Sage
  • Dried Blue Lotus Flower
  • Rainbow Fluorite Crystal
  • Cleanse, meditate and promote relaxation with this sage bundle. The Blue Lotus flower is highly respected by ancient civilizations. Egyptians believed the Blue Lotus flower to be a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. This “holy flower” reinforces emotional well-being and defuses tension. Rainbow Fluorite crystal is excellent for stabilizing your aura. Fluorite draws off stress and negative energy. It heightens intuitive power. Fluorite increases concentration and can be used as a “learning aid” as it helps you to process new information and thinking. 


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