Control of Ingredients

One of the things I want to clarify to people is that with the huge variety of bath and body products out on the market, you really need to check your labels.  I cannot state this enough.  Sometimes even “handmade” soapslotions, and other bath and body products are actually commercially made bases with which you can add scents, colors, and/or other additives and still call handmade. 

Now, there are a lot of really good bases out there with a lot of really good companies using these bases.  Unfortunately however, there are also quite a few bases out on the market that might not necessarily be as good for you as what they are touted to be.  This is where reading your labels and knowing, with some education, as to what the ingredients are on labels.  From the ingredient list, you may not be able to tell what is a commercially made base or something that is uniquely formulated from scratch, which is where reading those labels and understanding the ingredients is beneficial to you.  This also holds true to even uniquely formulated, handmade bath and body products, as even some “natural” ingredients or additives may or may not necessarily be what you think they are.

Please know that when you purchase products from Simply Eden, I have spent an unbelievable amount of time into creating my handmade goat-milk soaplotion, and other products for a unique formulation in order to ensure control on all ingredients used.



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