Nicole in California

"In just the four days that I have been using the Lavender w/clay facial soap & Simply Radiant Face Cream, the red spots and acne spots that weren't going away, are either gone completely or barely visible  and on their way to being gone.  Thank you SOOOO much for making these products!  I am in love!"  

Matt (5 years old) in SLC, UT

I got out Matt's new soap (he's 5). It's the Unscented Bastille soap for his sensitive skin. At first he said "it smells like Athena" and then he used it and couldn't stop saying "it's so smooth! I like it smooth!" It cracked me up. Thanks for great soap Athena! And thanks for smelling so good ;)

Rachel in SLC, UT 

"I received some of your soaps/lotions as a gift for Christmas. Let me just say - I am IN LOVE!  I want a bar of soap in my car, in my office, in my bedroom...just to make it smell fabulous like my bathroom! I told my son to smell the bar (rosemary mint). Next thing I know he's in the shower and saying it is the best thing ever! My hubby is your ultimate 'manly man'. He's too cool to use foo foo soap. Yup, he's now using MY soap too!My daughters inherited my severe eczema. This soap is so gentle on their skin! Normally I would hear complaints about itching, burning dryness.... But in the few days of switching to your soap I haven't had a single complaint!!

Please let me know when you might be attending boutiques or having sales in the Salt Lake Valley as I would LOVE to see your other products and stock up!"

Jo in Strong, Maine
"As you know, I am your biggest fan on the East Coast. Your products have been given to at least five people (and one dog) with amazing results! A teenage girl now has a complexion that has about half the acne it had six weeks ago. Two folks are using the mousse and soap on their psoriasis with results that are mind-boggling.  The hypocondriac dog is no longer digging and scratching all the time.  I used it on the hubby after radiation and no scars!!! Love your products!

Jennifer in Huntsville, Utah
"Athena, did I ever tell you how wonderful your face soap was - I used it up to the last sliver! It was gentle and wonderful on my extremely sensitive skin. I've also noticed my fine lines are less noticeable. No more $50.00 face wash from the dermatologist- I feel like I've found a skin nourishing, chemical free, more gentle product at a bargain price! Thank you Simply Eden!!!"

Patty in Strong, Maine
"I just love your soaps!  My favorite is the olive branch and the olive mousse.  I  went to the doctor's for a rash, and he told me I had eczema.  I told him I just started using your goat soap, and it really helped.  He told me his daughter uses goat soap and it helps her.  Also, my dog has allergies, and I started shampooing him in your soap.  His allergies have improved...the vet was very happy with his skin.  Keep up the good work, as you are making alot of people feel and smell good!

Jori in Eden, Utah
"I am an avid runner/triathlete and while doing so, experience horrible blisters and extremely abused feet.  Over the past several months, I have had a serious problem with being unable to heal my blisters.  Another one forms on the old one as soon as I run again, and I never give my feet a chance to heal.  Simply Eden's foot stick has been a miracle for my feet!  I have been rubbing it generously over my cracked and blistered feet at night, slipping a sock over my feet and when I wake up in the morning the healing that has occurred is miraculous!  Thank you, Athena, for allowing me to run pain free!"

Mary Kay in Alaska
"Athena, you know I love everything, but I especially love the sandlewood and vanilla body cream and the sandlewood soap.  Walked into my bathroom last night and it had that wonderful smell of Athena's Sandlewood soap!"

Jenny in Ogden, Utah
"Athena--I have tried many, many products to help with my acne over the years. I had just about given up when I tried yours.  And I love, love, love your acne soap. It has worked like a charm. I have used it now for about 3 weeks and have found big decrease in blemishes. Not only that, my skin looks softer, healthier and less irritated.  I keep it in the shower and recently my husband said he even uses it ever so often when his face starts to get oily."

Randi in Ogden, Utah
"I absolutely LOVE the body Mousse. It is the only product I have every tried that makes my skin feel soft and not greasy at all, and the scents are amazing they last all day! These make great gifts, everyone loves them!

The raspberries and cream lip balm is so great! The slight tint is perfect for when you want to look put together but not too done up.  It is very smooth and not sticky at all....When I put it on it's like an everyday treat for myself!"