Fall 2011!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…it has been such a long time since I blogged, but I have had a lot going on this summer, mostly good!

Business has been so good that I have decided to add to our small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats!  So, aside from milking, soaping, farmer’s markets, and even getting some sailing time in, all things milk are on my mind, including GOATS!  Any excuse to get more critters, right?!  Anyway, since kidding season, I have gone from finding some amazing homes for my goat boys and milking twice a day, to milking once a day.  Twice a day milking seemed to be giving me a good amount of milk, but the commitment was huge.  If we were late at all (or trying to have a life), the goats were upset and milking needed to be done.  I love my milking, but that evening commitment was pretty intense.  Going to only morning milkings was such a huge relief and just what I needed.  Being this was really my first year breeding, kidding and milking, I figured that I would half the amount of milk as what I was getting with twice-a-day milking.  Well, I was wrong.  Our girls dropped off quite a bit.  I am still able to keep up with demand with the milk I am getting, but I am hoping to get through winter and into kidding season again with a freezer full of milk.  With all of your support, business has been steadily increasing, so the next step is to get more milk and goats!

I started with two lovely does and have now increased my herd to six does and even one buck!  Our herd now includes Smudge and Lola, the two original girls.  I added Elsie and Zena in February and came upon little Izzy later on.  The lovely doe, Roxanne, came available, who I fell in love with several years back, and I just HAD to have her!  I purchased the amazing buck, Roxbury, that I had bred my girls to last year and am SO excited to see what the result is with the new girls.  I am also happy to say that ALL goats tested negative for CAE and CL in August, two terrible goat diseases.  I know you are so anxious to see all of the new ladies, and I will get pics posted when I get a second.

Needless to say, it is the end of September, and thoughts of spring kids are on my mind!  Breeding season starts in about three weeks for me, so keep your thoughts focused on multiple kids and lots of beautiful little doelings!  Although those little bucklings sure are fun, last year was a bit overkill in the testosterone department.  Stay tuned for breeding season in anticipation of those spring kids!

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