Just Kidding (contest)...Zena 2014

WOOT!  Zena had Triplets!  Two doelings and a buckling!  

Congrats to Kari on her win!!!  Thank you all for your entries and enthusiasm!!!

Kidding Contest for Miss Z is now closed!  As of Feb 28 at 9:30 a.m.!  Good Luck!

Don't forget the time, as well as the date!!!  

Little Miss Z!  Sweet and personable, Z is as sweet as they come!  Blue eyes and full of attitude!  She should be due around March 1.  As usual, she could go five days before or five days after.  

The closest guess to date and time will win $25 worth of Simply Eden Products!  Please comment in the blog below for your entry!  You must post in the blog in order to qualify and only one entry per person.  Watch the action live on the Simply Eden Goat Cam!  Good luck and think pink! Pic taken 2/18/14



  • March 6th @ 7:42am. Twins.

    Kasee Johnson on
  • 3/3 at 3:33 am twins!

    Jo Morgan on
  • March 4 at 11:20pm

    Sara Walker on
  • It won’t let me edit. I meant march 5 at 3 pm. That’s what I get for doing this with a migraine

    Katrena Lee. on
  • March 7 3pm

    Katrena on

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