Just Kidding (Contest)...Elsie!

Contest is now closed for Elsie!  As of 3/21/14!  Good luck!

Congrats to Janay!  You won the kidding contest for Elsie!!!

Sweet Elsie is very gentle, timid and sweet! Her due date is around March 19.  However, she can go five days before or five days after.  She is bigger than she has been in the past, too!

The closest guess to date and time will win $25 worth of Simply Eden Products!  Please comment in the blog below for your entry!  You must post in the blog in order to qualify and only one entry per person.  Watch the action live on the Simply Eden Goat Cam!  Good luck and think pink!  Pic taken mid Feb!

  • March 20 5:20 PM TRIPLETS.

    Mary Templeton on
  • March 18, 1:45 a.m – 3 sweet ones.

    Wendy Dame on
  • The 23th @ 7:22pm. Emmett will be 17 months then.

    Andrea Dangerfield on
  • March 21 839pm


    Jo Morgan on
  • I will guess that Elsie will deliver on the 18th of March.

    Norma Wakayama on

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