Hydrolyzed Oats

We might all agree that “oats” sounds like a pure, healthy, and natural ingredient for our skin. But then you have the word “hydrolyzed”. Sounds chemical. Sounds not-so-natural. But in fact, the word “hydrolyzed” refers to a naturally occurring chemical reaction called “hydrolysis”. The root “hydro” means water, as in “hydration”. The word “-lysis” refers to the splitting of molecules. In the case of “Hydrolyzed Oats”, we are talking about a soluble form of oats which is naturally derived from whole oats by the process of hydrolysis – splitting the oat molecules with water molecules.

Hydrolyzed oats contain protein and oligosaccharides (a fancy way of saying carbohydrates). The primary reason I use hydrolyzed oats in my goat-milk lotions in that it is a proven “humectant”. That means it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and transfers it to the skin, thereby providing deep hydration. This has been clinically proven. When skin is well hydrated, the appearance of lines and wrinkles is diminished. Also, the hydrolyzed oats impart the lotion with increased smoothness. When applied to the skin, the oat solution helps make the skin feel velvety smooth with no residual tackiness or greasy feeling.

Simply Eden lotions containing Hydrolyzed Oats give your skin a deep hydrating treatment without greasiness. I find these oats a great way to add humectant properties to my lotions using pure, natural, sustainable ingredients. Enjoy my lotions in a great variety of fun and interesting scents, using essential oils or phthalates-free fragrances, or unscented for particularly sensitive skin.


Thank you Dorothy!


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