Simply Eden has a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, who have previously supplied the farm-fresh, rich and nutritious, raw goat milk for our goat-milk soap and goat-milk lotion. We are proud to support local and currently purchase farm-fresh goat milk from our local family farms.  Our goats continue to browse on pasture in the warm months and have access to free-choice grass hay with supplemental alfalfa pellets in the cold months. They are sheltered in a very accessible barn with warm water in the winter and fresh water during the summer. With a barn to live in, cushy bedding, and free-choice food, our goats are happy, healthy & friendly. We are proud to have a negative CAE/CL and Johne's herd and test yearly. Check out our goats on the live-stream webcam during daytime hours!

Our herd tested negative for CAE/CL and Johne's

April 2013

Prairie Wood Zena

Prairie Wood Zena

Black with white; blue eyes

MCH/CH Lost Valley KW Orion *S

PrairieWood Huckleberry *S
Prairie Wood Player *D/1*M

MCH/CH Flying Goat Jazzy Blues *S E (2009 AGS RS National Ch. Buck, Excellent, Finished AGS/ADGA)
Kaapio Acres BT Racketeer +*S/+B
Prairie Wood Bella *D/1*M VG
MK Blanca

Ponders End Panache
MCH Everwood The Gambler (4x GRCH AGS, 2x GRCH ADGA)
MCH Twin Creeks WB Fanciful E

Dam: AFF Herd Shammy
Esperanza RF Show Me The Money
Apache Valley Splendor
Artist's Eye FM Elven Ring

As a first freshener, Zena had triplets and could produce almost a half-gallon of milk on twice daily milking. She is bred to Prairie Wood Gondolier for spring 2013 kids, which should be a really good cross for some great milk! I will be retaining one of her does, but anticipate offering the rest for your consideration.

Prairie Wood Zena X Prairie Wood Gondolier

Doelings: $350

Bucklings: $300


Udder with 8-hour fill Prefreshening udder
Udder with 8-hour fill Prefreshening udder



Prairie Wood Black Star

Black with a moon spot

Prairie Wood Black Star

GrSire: ARMCH Rosasharn's Under My Thumb +*S E
Sire: Rosasharn UMT Monarch *S
GrDam: Rosasharn's TL Mariposa 4*D VG

GrSire: Roundabout Johnny on the Spot
Dam: Whitbred Black Pearl
GrDam: Bombahook Acres PQ Pearlsbuck 2*D

This doe is incredibly easy to milk with a soft, capacious udder that is very balanced and large teats. I absolutely LOVE milking this doe! Udder pics to follow.



Blu-Jems DB's May Bell VVVV 86

Blu-Jems DB's May Bell VVVV 86
GrSire: NC Promisedland Pal Playboy *B
Sire: Poppy Patch PB Debonaire
GrDam: CH Poppy Patch RC Poppy Seed

GrSire: Neightnkevs Zimba Buckwheat
Dam: Blue-Jems Zimba's Mava
GrDam: Neightnkevs Mai-Tye

2011 took 2nd in the Senior kids class at the cache county fair

2012 Took 1st place at the Cache County Fair. Plus was Reserve Grand Champion! as a yearling milker

Kidding History

2012-Twins...1 buck 1 doe

2013-Quints...3 Bucks 2 does

Maybelle is a Beautiful doe, very dairy, good legs and feet, width and length and is so easy to milk plus is a great producer giving a half gallon a day. I am so pleased to have added this lovely doe to our herd and I look forward to what great things she gives to our program!


(photos and records courtesy of Blu-Jems)