The 100% goat milk that I use is ethically and sustainably produced from local family farms.  I have retired my own very spoiled Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, whom I hand milked twice a day throughout my milking season.  The ladies are fed free-choice grass hay and alfalfa pellets.  In the summer, they live on an organically maintained pasture 24/7, along with their alfalfa pellets.  My choice of milk-stand feed does not include GMO (genetically-modified organism) grains or any animal products.  I also do not feed corn or soybeans to my goats.  Their usual grains include black-oil sunflower seeds, oats & barley.  In addition, they are not given any sort of hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.  They have access to fresh water, a very nice barn and a lot of interaction from us and our friends.

After milking, I freeze my goat milk.  I use the frozen goat milk to mix with the sodium hydroxide (lye), which heats up and will typically burn unfrozen goat milk.  I also freeze my goat in order to have fresh goat milk all winter long.  (I am not one to milk the goats in below-zero weather!)