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I was the lucky winner of some lovely pendants by Ashley Bennet Stoddard, and I decided to pay it forward and offer my own giveaway of the local favorite "Tree Lady" Pendant by Ashley!  Ashley is a local artist here in Eden (now Huntsville), and her art jewelry have been an inspiration to so many people.  The thing I love about the Tree Lady pendant is what it symbolizes..."The strength of a woman.  Always grounded, giving and reaching to the light."  Plus, a portion of all proceeds are donated to The Pink Ribbon Story Foundation in Atlanta, GA.  I know so many ladies who are touched by the meaning behind the Tree Lady, and I wanted to pass it on to one lucky winner!


The contest is easy and a winner will be drawn at random.  You must 'like' Ashley's FB page and give her a big hello from me.  Then go to Ashley's website and tell me what you love!  Please post comments below in order to be entered...however, I would LOVE to hear your comments on my FB page, as well!  Contest will run through Tuesday, Sept. 10!



For the love of cheese!  I had the wonderful privilege of FINALLY meeting Sue of Snowy Mountain Sheep Milk Creamery!  All I can say is WOW, WOW, & WOW!


I heard about Snowy Mountain Sheep Milk Creamery from my mom, who read about them in the paper back in 2010.  Of course, being the cheese freak that I am, I certainly had to look them up and see what they were all about.  At that point, I contacted Sue…probably sounding a bit like a crazed fan , and I had not even tried the cheese .  Anyway, after numerous emails, I was finally able to meet with Sue.  I had already picked up a wheel of their creamy and flavorful Timpanogas Blue from the local market.  Being a self-described cheese connoisoir (or just over-rated cheese lover), this was simply amazing, so creamy and delectable with a touch of blue.  I had gone to heaven.

At Sue’s house, with views to die for, I was not expecting her to offer me tea, and then she brought out the goods!  For the love of cheese!  I was simply giddy!  I had gone from goat-milk soap and lotion and everything goat to sheep-milk cheese.  I had most certainly gone to heaven…or at least out of Utah.  I would say that it would be an acceptable European tradition to have tea and cheese at 10:30 in the morning…especally when topped with locally made merlot jam.  Seriously…was I still in Utah?  Certainly not.  I had an education on sheep, sheep-milk cheese, and all sort of other parallels of life.  How great it was to talk to another ruminent lover and “mother”.  Sue cares for the sheep and lambs, while her husband, with a Danish heritage, as well as executive chef, creates the recipes and makes the cheese.  Needless to say, after taking a couple of hours out of my hectic schedule, I felt refreshed and exhilarated after a wonderful time with my new friend.

I encourage you to check out their website and make an order!  Any of Snowy Mountains’ cheese would be an amazing addition to any party or get together!  Know that great care and pride is taking when creating and handcrafting this cheese!  You will surely be as impressed as I am with my new love of sheep-milk cheese!  You absolutely have to try it.  It is nothing like goat or cow’s milk cheese, very creamy, and universally pleasing on the palate.  Thank you, Sue, for a much-needed mini vacation and the time you took to have tea and cheese…the best of all worlds!



I am so excited to announce the arrival of our first bred and kidded Nigerian Dwarf Goat buckling!  He kidded last night at around 10:30 pm to our doe, Lola.  This is her first kidding, and I was a bit anxious as she is older to be having a first kidding.  However, all went well, and Lola is a natural mother in all respects!  I was worried about her getting much of an udder as she has always had really tiny teats, but she gargantuan.  It seems she will be able to produce a lot of goat milk for my goat-milk soaps and goat-milk lotion

People ask if our goats are Pygmy goats  because they are so small.  They are Nigerian Dwarf Goats, which is a miniature dairy goat breed with West African ancestry.  They do have their own registry, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (NDGA) and are also registerable with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and American Goat Society (AGS).  Pygmy goats are not dairy goats and are smaller, cobbier, and stouter.  The Nigerian Dwarfs have the conformation of a dairy goat, meaning the goats are judged largely on their udder size, capacity, and quality, as well as the milk that they produce.  Nigerian Dwarfs typically stand at around 22 inches at the withers for does (girls) and 23 inches for bucks (boys).

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are gaining in popularity because of their small stature, friendly nature, and endless color possibilities!  They can even have blue eyes, which is not a genetic defect.  Nigerians are incredibly comical and love to play, jumping, kicking, bucking and balancing.  If you are not careful, they can be little escape artists, which can be part of their charm.  Even though Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a small dairy goat breed, they produce one of the highest butter fat in milk and also produce more milk for their size than other dairy goat breeds.  As you can see, the Nigerian Dwarf Goats are perfect little goats for milk producing on small acreage, as well as pure entertainment!  My husband and I can sit for hours just watching them play!

Since this is my first year of actual kidding, I am certain to be posting a lot on my experiences with these fun little babies!  We started out with Smudge as a two-day-old bottle baby and needed to get her a friend ASAP, which is how I found Lola.  She was 10 days old when I brought her home and started her on the bottle as well.  I tried breeding them at two, but they did not take.  Worried that I had started too late in their life, we had the buck over here for a two-month extended date with our girls.  After not knowing if our girls were pregnant or not, I decided to search for another goat that was pregnant.  I came home with Elsie as a First Freshener (first time pregnant), as well as a three-month old doeling.  We are hoping that the trip was not too much for Elsie and that she was able to maintain her pregnancy.  

As of now, Lola kidded last night as a First Freshener with one DARLING buckling!  All went smoothly, and Lola is turning out to be an unbelievable mom, both in the nuturing department, as well as udder development!  I am pleasantly surprised as she has always been so tiny.  A large udder means more fresh goat milk for my goat milk soap, goat-milk lotion and other goat-milk products! 





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