Surprise Giveaway of The Tree Lady!

I was the lucky winner of some lovely pendants by Ashley Bennet Stoddard, and I decided to pay it forward and offer my own giveaway of the local favorite "Tree Lady" Pendant by Ashley!  Ashley is a local artist here in Eden (now Huntsville), and her art jewelry have been an inspiration to so many people.  The thing I love about the Tree Lady pendant is what it symbolizes..."The strength of a woman.  Always grounded, giving and reaching to the light."  Plus, a portion of all proceeds are donated to The Pink Ribbon Story Foundation in Atlanta, GA.  I know so many ladies who are touched by the meaning behind the Tree Lady, and I wanted to pass it on to one lucky winner!


The contest is easy and a winner will be drawn at random.  You must 'like' Ashley's FB page and give her a big hello from me.  Then go to Ashley's website and tell me what you love!  Please post comments below in order to be entered...however, I would LOVE to hear your comments on my FB page, as well!  Contest will run through Tuesday, Sept. 10!



  • Love the tree lady!!!!! Think I did everything right on the entry. Miss you AT….

    Lauralee Campbell on
  • Looked at Ashley’s website. Beautiful stuff ! Entered contest. Am sitting here sniffing the soap I got from you. Is that weird ?

    Jody Tuft on
  • Going to her facebook and yours right now :)

    Stephanie on
  • I LOVE Ashley’s “Tree Lady” pendant and her artwork artwork is also amazing! I would proudly wear or display any of her pieces – love her style and the energy her art conveys.

    Lisa Herland on

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